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Big Octavia Cello perler by dorkking12
Big Octavia Cello perler
Holy crap this is huge, and was very daunting to melt! It stands at around 2 feet tall, almost the same wide, and took me around 7 hours to bead and melt.
I love how it turned out though, super duper adorable!!! I'm trying to find a place to hang it on my wall right now.
Nurse Redheart Perler by dorkking12
Nurse Redheart Perler
This one took a little bit to make. She wasn't very hard to make, I just had a hard time getting myself into the mood to make anything!
I do love how this one turned out though, nice and flat, almost no warping or anything, and it's big too! About a foot tall actually.
Though I just realized that I screwed it up, got tired and put white in-between the legs where it should of been empty. Oh well...
Vinyl Scratch DJ-P0N3 heart perler by dorkking12
Vinyl Scratch DJ-P0N3 heart perler
Made this last night after trying to figure out what I should make after such an odd hiatus.
Took me about 2 hours to make, including melting time, and then I passed out right afterwards from a splitting headache.
It's definitely smaller than the Octavia one I made, but I still really like how this one turned out.
Octavia standing Cello perler by dorkking12
Octavia standing Cello perler
This is the first piece I've made since September when I did that perler panel at Brony Fan Fair. Took a lot to get me to want to start doing this again, and i'm super glad I did.
I made this using an 8bit gif. and a lot of perler beads. It took me about 2-3 hours total to make, didn't pay too much attention to time, was having to much fun making it.
I love this piece a lot. It's super duper awesome and cute!
Octavia Heart perler by dorkking12
Octavia Heart perler
Made this a few months ago, but finally got around to posting it up on here. 
This is my own pattern, never been done before. This is also probably one of my all time favorite pieces.
It's one solid piece, and took a few hours to make.
Hey there guys, got back from my convention a few days ago, and here's how it went!
Got there and got my badge, I set up for my first ever panel! (the one about the mlp fandom) Not a lot of people were showing up, but i didn't let that discourage me. By the time I started I had about 20 people there, and everything went very smoothly. There were a few talkers in the audience (people who talk during the panel or interrupt me repeatedly), but otherwise it went good. After the panel, I boxed up all of my stuff and started walking around the con, and enjoyed myself. I even one first place in the advanced level of MLP Jeopardy(By a massive margin too)! 
I came back to the con on Sunday to do my other panel (the perler one) and that one bummed me out. When I got to the room, there was a small meetup going on (only about 5 people there) and they wouldn't leave until the last minute. That made it hard for me to set up my stuff in time for everything, but I didn't let it get to me. By the time I was ready to start, there was less than 10 people there. That hurt just a tiny bit, especially since it was a workshop AND because I put quite a bit of money into making all of the kits for it. The whole time during where I'm supposed to talk, the people kept talking to themselves (and loudly at that!), making it hard for me to get anything across, and a kid even took out his gameboy and started playing it with the music full blast right there, and kept yelling at his friends while doing so! i don't know about you guys, but that hurt a lot. I worked really hard to get everything set up and prepared, and they didn't give a f*ck about it. Near the end, i started handing out the kits, they made their things (with barely a thanks or anything) and left. Only one guy who was there thanked me, and I'm very happy he did so because he made it seem as if I had at least one person who cared. So thank you random guy for being super cool, because you made a bad situation for me just a bit better.
After all of that, I took everything down and put it in my car, went to the closing ceremonies, and went home.
I don't plan on doing another perler panel anytime soon, but I did sing up to do the fandom panel again at Nightmare Nights Dallas in October, so here's hoping they accept my submission, because that one was a lot of fun for me!

Sorry for rambling and moaning, but I just needed to write all of it down (roommates didn't care at all). I'll try to post a few new things I've made in the very near future, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Dork King 


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Joshua K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hey there everybody!
I'm the Dork King, and i do a lot of stuff!
Right now my big thing is perler artwork, making a lot of 8-bit items like Mario and Minecraft.
I'm also a bit of a musician, being able to play many different instruments, including the accordion and melodica. (ladies)
I like long walks on the beach and...wait, this isn't a dating profile? Oh, um disregard that last thing then.

I am willing to sell my perler art, but I just need to open up an etsy account first.

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